Increasing demands for energy, threats to global security and concerns about the environment are the driving forces behind the rise of various clean technologies. The global market for cleantech in 2010 was estimated to be about $1 trillion and is projected to grow to as much as $3 trillion in sales by 2020. It is anticipated through a number of sector economic development and forecasting reports, that by 2020 the cleantech sector will be the third largest industry, internationally. This would place it behind energy (oil and gas) and arms (guns, tanks and military weapons). Canada is poised to take a lead position in the development and advancement of this potential economic powerhouse.

Ottawa hosts Canada’s largest concentration of clean energy and technology researchers in academia, federal labs and companies. What makes Ottawa unique is this convergence of public, private and academic expertise. Cleantech companies are being drawn here because of the close proximity to federal labs and researchers. The collaboration of researchers, private sector and academia in Ottawa is proving to ensure companies get technologies to market within three to five years.

The wealth of talent in the region has helped give rise to the Ottawa’s cleantech sector, whose breakout technologies are providing competitive and environmentally responsible solutions in the areas of:

  • renewable energy generation, energy infrastructure and energy efficiency
  • water treatment, waste diversion, conversion and management, and
  • remediation, green buildings and resource efficiency in built environments.

The cleantech sector in Ottawa is represented by approximately 240 companies and includes some of the top ranked Fortune 500 Companies like Waste Management, Johnson Controls, Wesco, Honeywell and Enbridge. There are currently approximately 5300 people employed in this sector in Ottawa. Most companies in this sector have indicated that they anticipate hiring more staff over the next year. Only a few years ago, the region’s clean technology companies focused their business development activities primarily in Ontario. Today, cluster companies are looking to do business across Canada, in the United States and around the world. A recent survey showed that more than a third of Ottawa-area clean technology firms are looking for opportunities to do business worldwide.

Firms in Ottawa that have shown economic growth and increased market penetration internationally over the past year:

  • Ensyn Technologies Inc.
  • BluMetric
  • Waste Management
  • Plasco Energy Group
  • Energate

If you are interested in taking an active role in supporting the growth of Ottawa’s cleantech sector or would like to find out what Ottawa can offer your cleantech company please contact

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"Over the past year we have appreciated the support provided by Invest Ottawa in helping us align our own strategy to grow and attract cleantech businesses and for participating in our 'Cleantech in the Corridor' initiatives."

− Roddy G. Bolivar, P.Eng., Bolivar~Phillips

"Canada ranks among the top 10 countries worldwide when it comes to spawning clean technology companies."

− World Wildlife Fund and the multinational research firm Cleantech Group LLC