Invest Ottawa’s film and television sector focuses on the continued development, retention, competitiveness, and enhancement of the city’s film and television industry. In addition, it facilitates and issues various filming permits, promotes the region as a preferred industry destination and supports the development and growth of the local industry.

The Ottawa region facilitates an average of 700 filming days that translate into over $50 million of production, $20 million of which is spent directly in the local economy. With a local landscape that includes rivers and lakes, mountains, fields, and wetlands and a continental climate that ranges from hot and humid in the summer to cold and snowy in the winter, Ottawa offers a wide variety of shooting locations, competitive tax incentives, and an experienced and bilingual workforce.

Working with industry contacts and various levels of government, Invest Ottawa is working towards establishing Ottawa as a film friendly destination and premier shooting location.

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"Ottawa is great for the locations – not far, little traffic – and people aren't used to closing streets – people welcome it – they are happy. You can shoot downtown and then be in the countryside in 15 minutes. We also have the four seasons – we can have snow and also very hot and humid weather and the orange colours of fall."

− Marie-Pierre Gariépy, Producer, Slalom Productions

"This town is just BRISTLING with talented people."

− Lynn Tarzwell, Program Coordinator, Algonquin College Scriptwriting

"Very, very, very rarely will I have to go outside of Ottawa for talent."

− Ron Gallant, President, Affinity Productions

"Algonquin College turns out a lot of great animators, and even the ones that don't come from Ottawa usually spend some time in Ottawa given the handful of animation companies, and the history - We have 30 years of animation in Ottawa."

− Jonathan Wiseman, President and CEO, Amberwood Entertainment

"We can sub in for city, country, big city, and small city. The community is also very supportive."

− Tim Alp, President, Mountain Road Productions

"There is a vibrant film and television industry alive in Ottawa."

− Marie-Pierre Gariépy, Producer, Slalom Productions

"Invest Ottawa have been absolutely fabulous. We’ve been very lucky to have both the cast and crew that we have for this because they’re very, very professional and they drill down like a well-oiled machine."

− Kyle Portbury, Director, Tell the World