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Link to Business Seminars and Workshops page

Business Seminars and Workshops

Experienced professionals and entrepreneurs offer their lessons and advice to aspiring business owners on topics such as business planning, e-business, market research, and more. Most of these seminars and workshops are free and open to the public.

Link to Starting a Business Basics page

Starting a Business Basics

Invest Ottawa provides several resources for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, ranging from FAQs, an accelerator program, business workshops and seminars, and one-on-one meetings with experienced mentors.

Link to Mentorship & Business Advice page

Mentorship & Business Advice

Invest Ottawa has the experts and business advisors to help companies get started. Mentors work with a company from inception to the first rounds of investment and beyond. This includes a service plan for all portfolio clients.

Link to Market Analysis & Intelligence page

Market Analysis & Intelligence

Invest Ottawa provides information and data on industries, competitors, trends and more. Analysts work with companies to identify the market information they need and provide a customized research package specific to a company’s goals.

Link to Startup Acceleration page

Startup Acceleration

Invest Ottawa’s business accelerator GrindSpaceXL is a merit-based program focused on ensuring investor readiness. Companies are matched to a mentor and remain within the Invest Ottawa Business Accelerator for six months to a year. The outcome is successful growth through financing or market entry.

Link to Financing & Funding Guidance page

Financing & Funding Guidance

Invest Ottawa regularly works with regional, provincial, national and international investors. When a business is investment-ready, Invest Ottawa will connect you to their network through preferred introductions.

Link to International Business Expansion page

International Business Expansion

Invest Ottawa’s business development managers work with Canadian trade commissioners abroad to identify the kinds of business opportunities a company needs to succeed internationally.

Link to International Investment Attraction page

International Investment Attraction

Invest Ottawa helps companies make a ‘soft landing’. Services include choosing the right site for a business, navigating the set-up process and getting companies connected to business resources, government agencies and industry associations.


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